Hurdle Cart

All welded alum --non-flat tires --will hold up to 14 hurdles  ---shown with the GILL 402 Elite HS Hurdle with custom printing on Gate  Board.Powder coating in School Colors available

Call for Quote -  P1000956 



 Portable Camera Pole 

 shown with 2 of 3 upright sections ---so position of camera can be  changed to match the event --camera arms can be set at  14'--12'--10'--8'----Pole also available with Ground sleeve for Track  side installation.Powder coating in School colors available . Call for  Quote -  P1000950 


More Specials



Pole vault Pole Special --GILL POLES ONLY -Pacer One//PacerFXV//Pacer Composite--Order 4 pay for 3 plus S&H

Finishline white pole –made of poly –light weight and easy to move –great for those with turf fields---base can be filled with water or sand ---$99.00 

Flexible cord covers –have found a source to enclose your camera cables –camera down to tub–16’ lengths---$35.00 

Wireless gun sensors—lynx has improved the mic system –will last longer unless they get wet ----$80.00 

Carts—all welded alum carts—hurdle carts-pit carts—block carts-pole carts—all come with 8” non flat tires –the very best in the market.we powder coat in your schools color –call for quote fall orders sept 1st to oct 1st each year i offer special pricing during this time frame –easy to do check your inventory  

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