BW Finishlynx Package

 Package Includes:  

  • Easy Align Color Camera
  • Remote Positioner
  • Remote Zoom Lens
  • Wireless Start
  • Lynx Software
  • Geared Head And Mounting Clamp
  • Ups//Hub//Tub//All-Weather Cover
  • On-Site Training

Prices start at: $15,500.00 Additional Options:  

  • Camera Pole (Portable Or With Ground Sleeve) $1,100.00
  • Versa Com Box---Double---$950.00
  • Versa Com Box ½-----------$480.00
  • Id Lynx –Frontal Camera-----$1,995.00
  • Id Lynx Pro-----Twice The Speed -$2,495.00

Also Needed With F.A.T Purchase  

  • Hy-Tek Mm 6.0 With Seeding---$265.00
  •  Hy-Tek Upgrade 5.0 to 6.0  $165.00 
  • Hy-Tek Photo-Finish Interface--$295.00
  • Alpha-Scoreboard Interface: If You Have A Video Display -----$495.00
  • Computers—Need Two—Can Supply At $850.00 Each Or You Can Use Your Schools’.

(Need To Be Running Windows Xp//Vista/Windows 7/Windows 10 Home Pre Or 8)     Several Items Have Increased In Cost: This is new Pricing as of 2017 

Exclusive Products Available

Finish Lynx Camera Cover

 Available now from BW T&F Enterprises... This Finishlynx cover will keep your camera dry and secure in all types of weather conditions, while still keeping important air available for the camera to not overheat. This design is professional, and the best design available. If you are interested in this exclusive product... contact BWTF today! 

Hurdle Cart

Custom Made to fit your Hurdles. All Welded Aluminum. No Flat Tires! Color coated with your choice of color cart.  

Camera Pole

Can be Portable with Wheels or Pole with Ground Sleeve. It is all welded Alum. Arms at 10' and 12' - Camera pole: $1,100.00 

Block Cart

All Welded Aluminum. Holds 10 sets of blocks. It can be color coated. No Flat tires!  

Utility Cart

 5'x10'-All welded Aluminum. No Flat tires. 

Finishline White Board

 Base can have up to 20 pounds of water added. White Poly Finish Pole: $100.00 

Additional Options

Electronic Starting Pistol


Speakers ---Sampson XPiw

$350 Each

Marantz --with wheels and handle-wireless mic

$600 Each